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3072 Pintail Drive
Lake Havasu City, AZ  86406

Phone#: (928) 486-3964


Bonded & Insured - Licensed Contractor AZ & CA

National Accreditation & Insurance - Verifier

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(928) 486-3964

                        GAS TECH - An industry leader

At Gas & Air Systems Technology Corporation, we specialize in meeting the medical gas needs of our customers. From design and engineering, to equipment installation, AND system verification and inspection, we have over 25 years experience and are here for you.

Whether its new construction, upgrades, or a retrofit/remodel, we provide the highest quality services possible.  That is our guarantee to you.


Medical Gas Installation Services:

- Design & Engineering
- Piping (ASSE 6010)
- Bulk Enclosures
- Hyperbaric Facilities
- New Construction
- Retro-fit/Remodels
- Code Compliance
- High Pressure & Liquid Manifolds
- Mechanical Equipment
- Alarms

Accredited Verification and Inspection Services:

ASSE 6020 Inspection -

Project Review, On-site Inspections, State & Local Code Compliance

ASSE 6030, 6035 Verification -                   

Annuals, JCAHO Compliance, NFPA 99 Compliance, New Construction,   Retro-fit/Remodels, Equipment Upgrades, Bulk Installations


If you need medical gas services, you need to speak with a GAS TECH Project Manager who will be happy to talk with you to determine your needs and how we can help with your specific application.

To learn more about the services we offer, visit the Services section of this site.

If you have questions about GAS TECH and our services, or about what you need at your facility, call us at 928-486-3964.

Serving Arizona, Nevada, California and beyond....

Don't settle for anyone but the best.
Call Gas Tech for all of your medical gas needs.

Medical industry Experts: NFPA, CGA, USP, JCAHO, ASSE and OSHPD code standards and requirements.

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